I’m gonna be on ’30 Rock’!

Photo 732Hi there Bloggers!

I am BACK!


After a week of no blog, I’ve decided to move on from Blogger (as they did nothing to solve my technical problems despite all sorts of complaining, both passively and aggressively…. I’m great at both, FYI) and open a brand new blog here using WordPress. Bare with me as I figure out how to use it and play around with looks and fun features. My wonderful friend Matthew Enderlin has been helping me set it up and make it pretty. Matty is a wonderfully talented graphic designer. Check out his work here. He also likes to drink red wine and sing showtunes and pop standards at his apartment with myself and company. Contact him for either services.


Fresh starts. Thats what this fall seems to be all about for me…. and the gorgeous yellow leaves on the trees on Ninth Avenue right outside my window. The new apartment is the biggest newest freshest start. I’ve come to realize this week, as I’ve stayed home quite a bit, how obsessed with my current living situation I am. Just tonight, all four of us in the apartment have been in and out of the living room watching “Mrs. Doubtfire”. Can you THINK of a better Wednesday night?

I also have some incredibly cool news to report. For the past few days I’ve been filming a guest spot on ’30 Rock’. I’m not going to tell you WHO I am playing, WHAT I am doing, and WHO I get to have really funny scenes with but I WILL say that its super crazy amazing cool and for the past week I’ve been pissing my pants and jumping up and down on a daily basis and screaming like a little boy who just found out that his elementary school is doing an all boy version of “Mame” as the fifth grade social studies project. Oh. And that he’s playing the title role.

I found out the news early last week and began filming last Friday. I’ve continued shooting stuff throughout this week and have a little more to do. I have consistently woken up for the past couple days assuming I’ve dreamt the past week. It’s been truly surreal to the millionth degree and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this kind of excitement before. I’m not sure how to explain it. All last week in the days leading up to my first day of filming I wrestled with the idea that I really felt like at some point I was gonna wake up from the dream. Tuesday night in the wee hours of the morning, I stood in the mirror, after a couple Manhattans, slapping my face, pinching my arm, and throwing cold water on my face…. literally trying to wake myself up so I could just get it over with…. but it didn’t work.

All last week I continued such practices but sometime Thursday night, on the eve of my first day…. I was sitting in the audience at the opening of ‘Finian’s Rainbow’ on Broadway…. listening to the gorgeous lyrics in “Look to the Rainbow”….. “Follow the fellow who follows a dream….” and right then I decided that even if this IS a dream, and I DO wake up two weeks from now and its like that scene at the end of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ when all four of the lovers are like ‘WTF?’…. even if tomorrow or tonight or before I finish typing this blog…. I wake up…. then…. it’s still okay cause the dream has been pretty fucking cool (and long lasting I might add)

I am incredibly grateful, bewildered, excited, and overjoyed. My episode doesn’t air until after the new year so you’ve got a while before I started hounding you with annoying reminders to tune in…. but in the meantime…. tune in to other episodes…. cause its one of the best shows on television.

I had a really rotten couple months just a bit ago…. and like my friend Ashley always tells me ‘the only way out is through’. I hope these few months will serve as a reminder to me, in the darkest of lowest times that no matter how dark it gets…. at some point…. a few months later, a year later, a day later, ten years later….. it gets better…. you get through…. and sometimes, when you’re lucky…. you get a fresh start with something really exciting and cool…. and remarkably…. you get to watch your dreams come true. This past week has truly been one of the coolest weeks of my life. I’m pinching myself and it ain’t working. And I’m glad.

Welcome back to my blog.

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15 Comments on “I’m gonna be on ’30 Rock’!”

  1. Penelope Says:

    Congratulations! I’m so excited to see you on “30 Rock”! I love, love, love that show and I’m sure you’re going be hilarious and amazing, but not hilariously amazing. That would be bad.

    Look forward to screaming at my roommate, “I follow him on Twitter and read his blog and have his show set to record on the DVR every Saturday night on Logo.” (I promise to yell exactly that, too.)

  2. katelyn Says:

    i’m super super stoked for you and the whole 30 rock thing. hopefully i have cable again by the time it airs.

  3. Jonathan Barrett Says:


  4. James S. Says:

    Welcome back, Jeffery. WordPress is pretty cool. I’ve been enjoying it. I’ve got one blog on here already and need to get the other moved over. And way to go on the 30 Rock appearance. You will have to keep us posted so we will know when to watch. đŸ™‚ And glad you like your new apartment.

  5. Kari Says:

    Please tell me you’re playing Kenneth’s gay brother. Please.

  6. John A Keith Says:

    That’s fannnnntastic news! What a great turn of events for you. Congratulations.

  7. Babatunde Onafuwa Says:

    Congratulations. I enjoy your work and admire you.

  8. jimmy Says:

    Glad you’re back.

  9. Ok so much happening right now… Where to start:

    Well hello wordpress! Very sexy. Let me know if you need help with widgets, plugins, bells and whistles. It’s the best platform hands down.

    30 Rock!!!!! OMG We must catch up. I need the scoop.

  10. Frank Says:

    Such great news! Can’t wait!

  11. Donald Says:

    CONGRATS on the new blog home, and even more so in your fab-o acting job! Now you’ve really got one up on Cole. If ever there is a writing disagreement between you two, just pull out the, “Well when I was on 30 Rock the writers would have done it THIS way…,” and that will surely trumph anything he’s got to say.

    Oh, and depression-smression! Who’s worried about that now?!

  12. John A Keith Says:

    So, I just heard tonight that there is a future episode where the crew heads to Kenneth’s home town and that the rumor is that Betty White plays Kenneth’s mom … so, yeah, WHO WOULD BE A NATURAL TO PLAY KENNETH’S BROTHER??

    Separated at birth or what? No offense intended.


  13. Matthew Says:

    Big congrats to you. Huge fan of the Casserole and your blog – so incredibly talented, you’re deserving of every success!

  14. Charles Says:

    That’s amazing! I was on 30 Rock once. Well, not actually, but you know.

  15. Zachariah Says:

    Congrats! Exciiiiiiited!

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