Jeffery and Cole Thanksgiving Casserole!


Hey New Yorkers!

We’re doing a special ONE NIGHT ONLY

show at Joe’s Pub on Friday, November 20th at MIDNIGHT!

If you miss it…. you might die.

Come see….


Here’s the info:

After a sold out live performance in September, Jeffery & Cole make a borderline anticipated return to Joe’s Pub with a special one night only Thanksgiving treat. People are going ape shit for JEFFERY & COLE THANKSGIVING CASSEROLE: LIVE! Avoid your family and ignore all loved ones and celebrate Thanksgiving as it was meant to be celebrated…. in the dark, drunk, with lots of sexual tension.

FRIDAY, November 20th at MIDNIGHT

Get tickets HERE!

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One Comment on “Jeffery and Cole Thanksgiving Casserole!”

  1. Dear Jeffery I was chating with Cole,
    We just met in the subway I’m the crazy italian director/comic that
    just recognize you in the subway.
    I’m sending the web page of a documentary that I just did about a
    dutch transsexual ZU( and I’ll add my website about all the other videos
    that I did (
    I will love to collaborate with you and make your sit even more crazy
    and funny that what already is, let’s talk I collaborate with a lot of
    fashion photographers ( and filmmakers
    ( that you will love,
    check them and let’s connect! A Big italian kiss Johna (my mob 646 750

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