Good Morning Bloggers. Photo 741My niece drew me that picture. I dig it.

How was your weekend?

Mine was lovely. It felt very “weekend-y”. Like…. if I were to write a short story about weekends, this might be the one I’d refer to. A short story about weekends would be rather dull I suppose. My weekend was fairly uneventful but delightful. The weather here in New York (and every where else around the country according to your exuberant Twitter updates) was amazing. I spent both Saturday and Sunday outside reading. Saturday down in Battery Park looking at The Statue of Liberty and yesterday in Central Park looking at a lot of attractive people sunbathing.

Both were highly enjoyable. And statuesque.

On Friday I finished filming ’30 Rock’. It was an epic ten days of getting the job, freaking out because I had the job, attempting to psych myself into thinking I could do the job, beginning the job, getting used to the job, and eventually finishing the job. As I mentioned last week, it was certainly the coolest week of my life and it was slightly bittersweet to walk away from it on Friday.

I finished in the early afternoon on Friday, just in time for everyone else’s lunch break (it was Taco Friday at Craft Services and I made the dumbass decision to leave without partaking…. don’t get me started. I’m an idiot when it comes to quick decisions…. hence, why I saw “Nights of Rodanthe” when “Frost/Nixon” was sold out….. in the end, that paid off but I digress). I went down to my dressing room and washed off my make-up, took off my costume, and put on the dirty clothes I’d worn to the shoot that day (I’m in the midst of another three week stance of no clean laundry) and slowly, light headedly left the building, I was still having a hard time wrapping my head around the whole experience… they opened the giant side door for me to leave and the sun pouring in was crazy bright and overwhelming after spending the bulk of my day in the sunless cave of the studio…. I squinted and moved into it…. and I couldn’t help but consider the weird feeling that I was my stepping back into the real world…. back into my real life and that the past ten day roller coaster of awesome was over. It was bittersweet but mostly just sweet. I took the subway back into Manhattan and sat and processed.

Cole and I celebrated my last day on Friday night with a fantastic dinner at Nook and then danced around my living room to the “That’s How Young I Feel” Pandora channel for quite a well. My fifteen year old self wouldn’t even know how to deal.

This Friday Cole and I are flying down to Atlanta to perform ‘Jeffery and Cole Make It Bigger’ at the Actor’s Express Theater on Friday and Saturday nights at 10:30PM. I am very excited! I’ve performed solo down there a couple times but never with Cole. Even more fun is that after we perform our two shows, I’m going to take Cole up to Rome for a day to see my hometown! SO EXCITED!

So, if you’re in Georgia and nearby or even super far away but you just wanna show the love…. come to ‘Jeffery and Cole Make It Bigger’ at Actor’s Express THIS Friday and Saturday (November 13th and 14th) at 10:30PM. See ya there!


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2 Comments on “Weekend”

  1. Isaac Says:

    5 words: come. to. buff. a. lo.

  2. John Says:

    Looks like a Liza Minnelli cover 🙂

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