Debbie Reynolds in Hawaii

Debbie_Reynolds[1]Sitting in my parents’ house in Rome. It is gorgeously fall here in Georgia. The shows in Atlanta went well on Friday and Saturday… fun audiences and I enjoyed bumming around Atlanta with Cole. We stayed at the Hotel Indigo which was cute and comfortable. Right across the street from “The Fabulous Fox Theater” where I first saw Sharon, Lois, and Bram LIVE in concert. I still have the t-shirt.

We had a pretty wild night OUT after the show on Friday. We full on DID Atlanta. No excuses, no apologies, we fucking did it UP. On Saturday we had an insanely delicious brunch at The Flying Biscuit over near Piedmont Park. My first time eating there and WOW. Nine bucks for: Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Potatoes, FRENCH TOAST, and a PERFECT biscuit. Utter heaven. If I lived in Atlanta I honestly have no idea how I’d not eat there at least twice a week bare minimum. I’ll be back.

Now we’re hanging out in Rome. There’s not much for the two of us to do but I’m enjoying the change of pace. Yesterday Cole and I went over to my Grandmother’s house to see her, see my Aunt and Uncle and cousins as well. My Grandmother’s house is one of those places thats seemingly never changed a bit in my entire life walking through it feels just the same as it did the nights I used to sleepover there in third grade, spend Saturdays watching Hitchcock movies with my Grandmother, or in high school when my Grandfather was sick. It looks, smells, feels, everything- exactly the same. So walking through the halls with Cole, a person from my new world in my old, was surreal and neat. My Grandmother even showed us a picture of her vacation to Hawaii back in the eighties when she saw Don Ho and more importantly Debbie Reynolds perform.


I’m not sure how this is something I didn’t know but it all seemed appropriate that she’d wait to reveal it to me in front of Cole.

“Harold (my Grandfather) really wanted his picture with her and I told him ‘I don’t want my picture with Debbie Reynolds'” She said it with a scoff like Debbie Reynolds had always bugged her about getting a picture for fifty years….. ‘Hi, Its Debbie again. Just calling to see if you’re around today…. thought maybe we could finally get that picture? Maybe you’re busy….. I’m pretty open all week so…. yea…. just…. uh…. call me back and we can figure it out. Okay. Bye now.”

She found the picture and showed it to us. Sure enough it was my Grandfather with a big smile on his face, as if to say “Hey look! Its star of stage and screen, and American Icon DEBBIE REYNOLDS!” and my Grandmother with a look that say “Okay. Maybe now you’ll stop calling me at 5AM. Jesus H!”

I loved visiting her yesterday. She turns 80 this year and I’m so happy I get a chance to visit her every once and while. I love the smell of that house.

Home is always nice.

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