scary and awful

I am intensely freaked out, angry, disturbed, and saddened about the horrible stuff that happened to Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado in Puerto Rico a few days ago. In case you’re out of the loop, go here to read about the tragedy and act of insane hate.

The idea of this boy’s terrible death has been haunting me for the past couple days and even more so how little we’re talking about it. Just last month? Two months ago? We watched as a Colorado boy allegedly flew across the sky in a balloon. Our Twitter feeds and Facebook statuses tracked the ever growing tension of the little boy that flew off like the Wizard of Oz, not to mention an insane media circus that somehow appeared in a puff of smoke to give us minute by minute updates of the freakshow…. which in the end, as we all now know, was a hoax. As if that wasn’t enough however, we then covered, talked about, Twittered about, obsessed about this hoax, that family, the boy, the balloon, and blah blah blah.

Yet when a nineteen year old queer boy is decapitated, dismemebered, and partially burned….. we don’t even see a CNN story? A Trending Topic?! A VIEW HOT TOPIC?! Something? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller?

So incredibly tragic is the end of Jorge’s life…. undoubtedly filled with terror. I cannot begin to process his horrible death. Also tragic is how easily this gets swept under the rug. We cannot let it. There is a vigil happening here in New York City this Sunday evening. I highly encourage you to attend. Read about it here. …. I also wonder what else I can do? We can do? You can do? This is a great act of barbaric hate and it can’t go unnoticed. We marched together just a few months back so that each of us has the right to get married, thats an ongoing fight that so many people are working hard for every day. Sometimes I worry that such a thing as this tragedy isn’t as glamorous and pretty to our community as marching for the right to marry…. but to have this happening just a few weeks after our President signed the hate crimes bill must rally we the Queers together to make our community’s voice heard to the rest of the world, we can’t wait for CNN or the local news or Trending Topics to do it…. its our duty to let it be known that this cannot and will not happen again.

Tell your friends, tell your families, lets keep Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado’s story alive.

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2 Comments on “scary and awful”

  1. Curtis Says:

    Awesome piece Jeffery

  2. George Says:

    Really cool, Jeffery. I admire you.

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