Rosie Radio

I Twitter a lot about Rosie Radio, Rosie ‘O’ Donnell’s new SiriusXM Radio show every weekday at 10AM (repeats at noon), but I can’t express enough how great it is. As my friends know I am a long time Rosie fan. I connect to what she does, who she is, what she has to say on a level that is tribal and real. I think she’s a hilarious, smart, interesting, and good person. The radio show is, I think, the best medium she’s had so far to showcase her true self. It’s so casual and cool. Lately, I’ve been scheduling my days around sitting here by my computer for the 12PM repeat of the show. I ended up buying some hand weights so I could have something to do while I devote the full two hours to listening, and to keep my hands from picking up and eating peanut butter M & M’s in that time.

Just now, one of my favorite moments so far occurred. A mother somewhere in America called to tell Rosie that her teenage son had recently told her he was gay and she didn’t know what to do. He didn’t want his father or his brother to know and she was feeling overwhelmed and conflicted. Upon explaining further, she said that she had been asking her son “Are you gay?” for a couple months and this most recent time he finally broke down and cried, and she knew. Rosie pointed out that the son didn’t really tell her but she forced it out of him. The woman spoke with great trepidation, fear, confusion as to what to do. She said she’d told him “I love you to anyway.” Rosie was quick to point out that that is conditional….. that her job is to simply say “I Love You”. She told the mother to tell him she loves him, tell him he’s beautiful. She left with a moving statement that I tried to scribble down but wasn’t fast enough (what with the hand weights and the M & M’s)…. to paraphrase she told this mother to reach out to her son for the sake of all the kids who’s mothers were too scared to do so. The mother’s voice keeps ringing in my ears, and I’m excited by her bravery to pick up the phone and call the only person she thought to talk to. I think there’s something powerful about Rosie’s presence igniting that kind of bravery in a mother who might not have made that call to anybody else.

Whoever she is, and whoever that son is…. both will be better from today.

Really neat.

And all on the radio, folks.

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2 Comments on “Rosie Radio”

  1. James Says:

    I just sat through an hour presentation about how the radio will soon become obsolete. it’s for things like this that i really hope not.

  2. thedownpayment Says:

    nah, the radio wont become obsolete. and neither will rosie. the media talks a lot about reinvention, celebrities from madonna onwards reinventing themselves. rosies very good at it from stand up to tv to her talk show and the view to radio, shes tried her hand at a bunch of things. with varying levels of success (the rosie odonnell show to her very short lived variety hour), shes tried. good for her. she reignited the view and made it relevant. shes also a prime example of the deeply ingrained sexism in society when a woman speaks up and when a woman comes out. lo and behold she has an opinion!? people found this shocking, that she was more than just throwing koosh balls into the audience and giving stuff away (though she loves that too). shes against the war, she questions what really happened on 9/11. good for u rosie! i remain a fan. shes a person of talent, intelligence and substance.

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