Thanks for the headache, weekend.

I feel like shit today. Not shit. I feel like I got hit by a truck, an eighteen wheeler, then somebody pulled my road kill-fucked up body off the interstate, showered me off, then threw me into a cage with a pregnant goat and let it beat me into a bruised and battered pulp.

And I’m thrilled.

I feel pretty crappy because this weekend was full of fun time after fun time. Friday night’s show at Joe’s Pub was smashingly delightful. The audience was fantastic, I was proud of our script, and Bridget Everett, Max Steele, Dylan Dawson, and Erin Markey were awesome. Listening to them perform the script I couldn’t stop thinking about how cool it is that I know so many groovy, brilliantly talented funny people.

Last night, I spent my evening having dinner with some friends at Ben’s newly solo apartment. New furniture, a professional cleaning job, a home-cooked meal served on an actual table, and a plethora of substances made for a happy night. I took a cab home from Brooklyn at 4AM. New York was still abuzz with people on sidewalks stumbling home from bars, one night stands, emergency rooms. It was a generally happy energy up and down the avenues.

I know I write a lot of eye rolling worthy blogs about how much I love New York, or my friends, or family, and Rome, Georgia…. and growth…. and destiny…. and all kinds of other “Eat, Pray, Love” wanna be shit. I roll my eyes at it just as much as you do….. but…. I can’t help but look at a weekend like this where I get to write and perform a new script with Cole, attend a boozey eight hour dinner party, then wake up and wander around what looked a scene out of “Autumn in New York” all day today.

Weekends like this serve as a moment to check in with the universe to say “Yea. Things aren’t so bad.” Next week or the next or the next when I hit that inevitable wall of emotional downfall…. when my leftover teenage angst, my frustrations with the world, or my jealousies with my best friends get too much to bare and I find myself cursing the world, ignoring phone calls, and scribbling my negativity into my journal…. I hope I’m smart enough to look back on a weekend like this and see all the good around me.

It was a really fun weekend. And now I need another Tylenol.

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2 Comments on “Thanks for the headache, weekend.”

  1. Thomas Says:

    Hey Jeffery, I couldn’t possibly roll my eyes at you, you’re just a thankful guy. That’s a reallly cool and uncommon thing in my book.

  2. septimus Says:

    i love your blog too. But you shouldn’t have tylenol for a hangover, hard on your kidneys and liver. Take advil or aspirin.

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