Top Five ‘Jeffery and Cole Casserole’ Moments

I don’t know who (my hope is that nice receptionist lady who had a baby this summer. Karen?) but somebody over at Logo put together this selection of ‘Jeffery and Cole Casserole’ clips from Season One. Check them out HERE!

And if you scroll down, you’ll note that the dapperly named “GWM_Topper” thinks the show is “Infantile Crap”. Thanks a lot, Dad.

Thanks for watching, y’all.

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One Comment on “Top Five ‘Jeffery and Cole Casserole’ Moments”

  1. Ryan Says:

    GWM_Topper, if watching Jeffery and Cole Casserole is wrong then I don’t want to be right.

    Oh, and the guy from Project Runway (in the commercials that they play before the clips) looks like a marionette and it REALLY freaks me out. Nonetheless, good for him!

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