Self Elf on Shelf

My niece has this children’s book which has apparently become quite popular (I’d never heard of it but she doesn’t know what happened on the season finale of ‘Coach’ so I think we’re even). The idea is that you get this adorable little Elf figurine that, according to the legend written in the book, is sent to serve as a look out for Santa…. at night he reports back to the North Pole then returns before you get up (impressive) in the morning. Which means that in the morning the figurine has been (magically) moved to a new location in the house. I think its a pretty fun idea. My niece hasn’t officially named the Elf but refers to him as either Shelf (which is rather lazy if you ask me) or Rodney. I’m not sure where she got the Rodney thing but I like it. She seems pretty enchanted by it but more so a little (and rightfully so) creeped out. The thing has kinda menacing eyes and there’s something off putting about this little figurine that moves around your house at night and stares at you all day long. I’ve noticed my niece watching TV and then casually looking over her shoulder at the thing and quickly turning her head back around. I think a little terror makes for a great Christmas tradition. Here’s where he was this morning….. I think I’ll document it each day. Look at him here hidden eerily on top of that framed picture above the fireplace. Pretty fucking intense, am I right?!

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One Comment on “Self Elf on Shelf”

  1. John Says:

    apparently some parents use the elf and it “gets into mischief”. someone my sister knows had their elf discovered in the back seat of the car w/ krystals strewn all over and mustard on its mouth. i think it’s supposed to keep the kids behaving for santa.

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