New Year’s Eve

Today is the last day of 2009. I don’t usually get into this New Years stuff. I especially dislike the usual revelries that take place. Last year I spent New Years Eve in my apartment, alone, listening to Nina Simone. I sat by my window sometime around midnight, I opened it and let in intensely cold air and wind, I closed my eyes, and decided to see if I could let New York tell me it was 2009. Sure enough, at midnight, I heard a sea of cheers, of shouting, of car horns, of citizens calling in the New Year in this global, intense way. I’ll never forget it.

As a kid I used to get very very depressed on New Years. My parents usually hosted a small dinner party for their friends. My mom would cook a brisket and they’d sit down to a nice meal in the dining room, and later force themselves to keep their eyes open well past their bedtimes to midnight. I’d put my food on a TV tray and watch whatever was on TV in the den, later in the evening…. each year…. I can remember locking myself in my room…. and feeling a gust of sadness. I couldn’t understand how we’d celebrate a year going by, the ending, peace out, see ya later…. then that terrible song they play at midnight, Auld Lang Syne…. so depressing and “the party is over” in its nature.

I seem to have carried a similar outlook of New Years in my “grown up years”…. though sometimes I’ve managed to drink away this outlook…. this year however, I am genuinely overwhelmed by how much I’ve enjoyed the past year…. and as much as I’d love to hold onto 2009, those moments, that stuff….. I know I can’t….. so we trek onward, right? 2009 was my favorite year yet and who knows what 2010 will be like. It could all go to shit and I could be spending next New Years Eve locked in my childhood bedroom while my parents serve brisket to their dinner guests in the other room. But for now, I’d just like to say thank you to the universe, to my friends, to people who’ve given me cool opportunities this year…. for making 2009 a really cool moment for me. Thanks.

May 2010 bring more cool for everyone.

Hey, it’s really snowing outside my window and it looks like that scene at the beginning of “The Wiz”! Neat.

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2 Comments on “New Year’s Eve”

  1. Jared Thorson Says:

    Well I hope you 2010 is great! I know it’s sad to see a great year go by. My 2009 was a good one too. I got to see history be made a number of times this year! Where I live an initiative was passed to allow gay, unmarried couples to be considered family. And of course the first black president! Hopefully 2010 well be a good one too. I hope you can find ways to make 2010 awesome! You take care!


  2. johnthrasher Says:

    It’s sooooo bizarre how similar we are. Great read.

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