Today I woke up to a bright sunny New York winter morning. I love those. When my room is perfectly warm from the rattling of my radiator. I’m covered in multiple blankets and the sun is streaming in between my blinds. On the windowsill is all the moisture that has gathered between the varying climates of the cold outside versus the warmth indoors. It’s so sunny that I feel guilty for not waking up sooner but I look out on the streets and see very few people walking by and its already 10AM. It reassures me. Its Saturday I tell myself. As if on non-Saturdays I have to be up at the crack of dawn or something.

My Mom frequently will gush to me over the phone ‘I slept so late today! My alarm went off but I didn’t get out of bed until almost nine!’ She’ll announce this to me on a day that I’ve slept until well past noon and the only reason I’ve gotten up at that point is to take some Tylenol and eat some pancakes…. ‘Just embrace it and take it easy, Mom’ I’ll encourage through my pounding headache and last gin and tonic regret.

This morning, however, was one of those rare, sober, beautiful Saturday mornings. I laid in bed for an hour reading, and then finally got up, showered, ate some oatmeal and toast and watched an episode of ‘The Bonnie Hunt Show’ which I’d recorded from last week so I could see Jean Smart as the guest. I figured that being two comedy actress ladies they would surely know each other and their interview would be filled with “remember whens” and references to Rita Wilson’s annual Memorial Day Scrabble tournament…. ‘Argh! Penny Marshall got me last year with ANTARCTICA!’

But to my surprise they didn’t really know each other that well. Regardless, Jean Smart was just as delightful as always. I saw her new movie last week ‘Youth in Revolt’ which stars Michael Cera. It’s super good, very funny, and wonderfully directed. Did y’all see Michael Cera on Letterman last week? He was pretty magical. He GETS it. I dig him a lot.

I went on a walk this afternoon to take in the beckoning sun and get some of this ever popular Vitamin D. I felt pretty open and present to the today which felt nice. I wandered around the Upper West Side and then through the park. It got pretty intensely cold out but it felt nice on my face. I wandered down to Bethesda Fountain, which is, in my opinion, one of the coolest spots in Central Park. It can be a bit crowded but its truly one of the most epic, spiritual places in town. Not to mention, its hard not to run through the brilliant final lines of ‘Angels in America’ when you’re standing at the statue’s presence. Groovy.

The lake was frozen over, people were bundled up, sitting, quietly, basking in the sun. I sat there for a while just looking around me, feeling happy, and watching this man sitting in the waterless fountain, singing…. at the top of his lungs…. it was hard to make out the lyrics he was ranting but they seemed encouraging…. the way raving lunatics and musicians often do….. it was easy to chalk him up as yet another wacky park denizen but there was something uniquely captivating about this man that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I don’t know what it was but I felt somehow connected with him, in a weird…. we’ve never met and likely never will, kinda way. As if he was magical or something. So I sat watching him, listening to him for a long while and before I left I took out my camera to snap a picture….. and check out how cool it looks:

It’s almost as if the camera on my Blackberry recognized my intrigue, or cosmic connection to this guy.

Or maybe he was magical after all.

Either way. It was a really neat afternoon in the park.

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One Comment on “Saturday”

  1. D Says:

    Thats a really cool shot.

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