Last night I decided to make a vision board. Those magical things you make and put up in your work space to help you visualize your wants and goals. A lot of my goals in life are pretty lofty, and sometimes seemingly crazy or unreachable. I constantly wrestle with the fear that these goals won’t be met but I can’t imagine living in a world without those goals being my one focus. So in making a vision board, it serves as a positive visualization for my mind and my world while I work, live, hang out, watch TV…. in my room.

As opposed to just staring at your Twitter page and wandering ‘Why doesn’t she update more often?!’, @oprah.

So I turned on my radio to play some music while I worked on the board, it was on some talk radio show, and I clicked to change the channel to music but just before I did, this is what I heard:

‘Nascent. Something thats beginning to exist or develop. One could say a house that is under construction or Dustin Hoffman’s career in the midst of ‘The Graduate’ are examples of things being nascent.’

Before I could process what I heard, I had turned the channel to some music and then the coolness of this moment hit me.

Such a groovy thing to hear in the midst of all so much confusion and constant worry about things. I spend all day wondering WHATS NEXT?! WHAT IS ON THE HORIZON?! Am I doing enough to push things forward?! Am I ever gonna get where I want to get? Where I imagine myself getting? Where I am about make a vision board full of images of this WHERE I want to be ‘thing’????????

And the answer…. so clearly and loudly on my SiriusXM radio was being spoken out to me as if from the universe itself.

The answer was…. chill out…. this is just the beginning…. enjoy this moment as your life is nascent….. as it just begins….. don’t be too caught up in the later…. in the future…. in those things I’m constantly fearing I’ll never obtain….. be present to your nasceny. Cherish it. Because things only begin once.

This is now. Now is nascent. Its only just beginning to unfold.

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4 Comments on “Nascent”

  1. Good luck with your vision board. Although I’m sometimes critical of ideas like “vision boards” and so forth, I’m sure that if we were to walk into Oprah’s bedroom, we would find a giant vision board the size of Montana. Considering that she’s worth a zillion dollars, it’s certainly worked for her.

    In other words, I’m probably wrong about vision boards.

  2. jefferyself Says:

    Believe what you believe, Revolutionary.

    Isn’t that what revolutions are about anyway? 🙂

  3. Samantha Says:

    I know exactly how you feel, Jeffery. I’m always feeling stuck, wanting more, thinking/wishing/hoping for life to get better. I made a vision board, but I don’t know if I was as truthful with myself and my board (and thereby the universe…sorry, universe) when I made it. I’m thinking of making a new one.

    Here’s to our nascency!

  4. Justin Says:

    There is no goal too lofty. You will get there and you deserve to. Just don’t make time the important part. Put your goal on the horizon cast your eye on it and draw it to you. It will happen.

    Happy New Year, Doll!

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