So. That happened last night. Which was…. surreal. Really surreal.

I had this big idea of a brilliant, long, beautiful blog I wanted to write today to describe everything I’m feeling, what I felt last night, the universe, my favorite cheeses, etc…. but my mind isn’t quite ready for that yet.

So I will just say this:
I love TV. A lot. I always have since I first got into TGIF and Must See TV and Nick at Night. Growing up my dream always was to be on a television sitcom. And last night, for twenty two minutes I got to see that dream come true and I am intensely grateful to every single factor that led to that happening, to my friends, to the people I don’t know all over the world that tuned in last night and watched my dream come true.

It feels. It felt. It will always feel. REALLY. REALLY. GOOD.

I am so overwhelmed by all the messages, Facebook wall posts, @twitters, text messages, and such…. it means an incredible amount and genuinely feels like my birthday. I promise to come back to down to Earth as soon I turn this spaceship around.

A lot.

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13 Comments on “Wow.”

  1. Some Guy in Seattle Says:

    You were FAB!!! Super job!!!! Now get out there and beat Cole to that Emmy!!! (kidding!)

  2. Donald Says:

    “…I promise to come back to down to Earth as soon I turn this spaceship around.”

    WHY? Stay afloat as long as you possibly can. And remember that re-runs bring residuals.

  3. Jaron Says:

    You were absolutely brilliant.

  4. Dustin Says:

    Way to go! The second I saw that it was really you on 30 Rock I was super excited for you! Congrats!

  5. north carolina Says:

    It was really cool to see you on 30 Rock this week. For about 30 seconds, I didn’t recognize you, and then I was like, “Holy shit, is that Jeffery?” Congrats. Hope Cole makes it big too.

  6. Leo Says:

    Finally got to watch you on Hulu last night! You were fantastic! I pray they bring back Randy as a recurring guest. So super proud of you and happy to see your dreams coming true!! Thanks for sharing it with us as well! Can’t wait for more!!

    PS – You’re in a behind the scenes clip with Tina and James on!!

  7. Evo Says:

    I was making guac and more listening to the show that watching it. Then I heard your voice and recognized it. I replayed the show and actually watched it.

    It was a nice surprise to see someone that has made some good youtube videos make it as far as you have. You did a great job.

  8. Bugger Says:

    I haven’t seen it. YET. I recorded it 😛 But I’m sure it was GREAT!! <33

  9. Thomas Says:

    You were GREAT on 30 Rock!

  10. ryanjhughes Says:

    You go Glen Coco!

  11. Mike Says:

    Well, I really like both of your blogs (I accidentally hit reply instead of just commenting). Nonetheless, well done, both of you!

  12. Danny Says:

    Just watched the episode with you last night. You were amazing! Would really love to see you as a recurring guest character! Keep up the beautiful work!

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