I wonder what Goldie Hawn is doing right now.

When I was a kid I used to have these very intense thoughts and vivid visualizations in my head. I’d lay in bed and think “I wonder what Goldie Hawn is doing right now?” I’d vividly imagine her buying groceries or walking home to her apartment or heating up soup in the microwave or watching TV. Simple, menial things. Never anything glamorous or exciting. I think thats how I’d most like to see Goldie Hawn…. just living life as she lives it. Not a stalker-ish thing, just a…. I dunno…. a fantasy of reality. Sometimes I’m still struck with these kind of thoughts but now, living in New York it is even stranger…. because I know that Goldie Hawn is likely on this tiny isle of Manhattan as I type. Strange. I often have such thoughts about other people too…. not just Goldie Hawn…. some famous, some just people I care about, or have infatuations or crushes over, or whatever.

Today was gorgeous in New York City. Nearly fifty degrees and sunshine and lollipops. I went on a long walk up Central Park West and into the park. I sat on a nice bench overlooking the Great Lawn and read in the sunshine. It was nice to feel the sun on my skin for the first time in a very long time. The universe is reminding all of us that spring isn’t that far away, soon we won’t be restrained to these few hours of sunlight and the bitter cold and wind and rain…. soon we’ll release our five hundred layers and run amuck in the sunshiney day of spring and summer. Exciting.

I woke up on Friday, after all the excitement on Thursday and the days leading up to it, very very sick. My throat was wildly swollen and closed up, and I felt generally terrible. Over the weekend the throat stuff went away, and the sinus congestion and cough stuff began. It’s remained over the past few days and is slowly beginning to break up in my system. While I’m sure a lot of this has to do with the quick weather change from freezing my balls off to enjoyable pleasant temperatures…. I also think a lot of it has to do with my overall euphoria on Thursday night. It was truly one of the most exciting nights of my life and I don’t think my body was fully ready to process it, causing everything from my mind, my throat, my nose to freak out on Friday morning and beyond.

Hearing from so many people over the weekend continued you to overwhelm and thrill me. Honestly, if I could muster up that kind of massive positive energy from so many people that I know and don’t know more often I think I could literally light up the Empire State Building. That sort display of support, even just for twenty four hours, really filled my heart and colored my mind with magical thoughts. I’d like to make a special place in my soul to keep all that positivity, to visit on rainy days when the world is getting me down and the exciting isn’t there and I feel stupid or frustrated or angry or the lows seem too much to take.

Maybe I will.

I wonder what Goldie Hawn is doing right now?
I hope she’s debating what to have for dinner.
Because…. Oh Goldie, Thats what I’m doing too.

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2 Comments on “I wonder what Goldie Hawn is doing right now.”

  1. harriet halloway Says:

    You’re really something Self, you know that!?

  2. vbrekkidd80 Says:

    I think right now she’s wondering what you’re doing too or watching great episode of the Casserole and giggling to herself in joy!

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