In one year.

I really digged Adam Lambert on Oprah yesterday. I love watching Oprah when she’s very into guests. You can tell when she respects somebody or is a fan of somebody or has a real connection…. and it seemed with Adam Lambert, she did.

I LOVED the whole premise of the entire episode with Adam and Susan Boyle both being people who’s lives changed so INCREDIBLY over the course of just one year. Susan’s appearance on Oprah happened to coincide with the exact one year anniversary when she auditioned for ‘Britian’s Got Talent’. Magical.

And Adam Lambert’s story, which I suppose most of your queers already know about, is just as thrilling and fast.

They both talked to Oprah a lot about what a difference a year can make. And good grief, Molly Brown, is that true. While Adam Lambert and Susan Boyle might be extreme examples of how life can evolve and change in twelve quick months, each of us are examples of the same.

Whether this time last year you were a senior in high school living in your Mom and Dad’s house and now you’re a freshmen living in a smelly dorm room (wash those dirty towels, you lazy weirdos) on some green, old liberal arts school campus or you were sweeping up hair in Truvy’s Beauty Shop and now you’re a full time beautician….. or maybe you’re doing the exact same thing, living in the exact same place you were, and just as happy as you were this time last year…. no matter what, something HAS changed, you’ve experienced SOMETHING big or small, learned SOMETHING…. no matter what or where or who you are….. stuff changes in a year, for better or worse, which is…. I think…. exciting and special and worth celebrating.

I’m gonna take a moment today to reflect on where I was this time last year, and remember where I am today. Try it too and celebrate where you are and were…. no matter where and what those things may be.

Nascent, folks.

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2 Comments on “In one year.”

  1. alainalarae Says:

    Nascency. I love this theme. Really good blog Jeffery.

  2. kayti Says:

    steel magnolias!

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