Tonight on UStream at 10PM

So I just joined UStream, which is a site where I can do a live streaming vlog. You can chat with me, ask me questions about babies, or tell me how much my teeth need whitening. It’s just an experiment to see how this works. I am gonna be LIVE at 10PM tonight (Monday, January 25th) so if you’re at home, bored, or cracked out and looking for a cheap thrill….. tune in.

10PM. Tonight. Click here.

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2 Comments on “Tonight on UStream at 10PM”

  1. Tellis42 Says:


    I got to shoot you a few questions but had to peace out early LAME. really cool though 🙂 again! i’m also super pumped you love David Sedaris. It’s a rare day that I hear of someone who reads him.

    Rock on.

  2. ValorieRyann Says:

    I got to drop by for a little while too! I had to leave early, which sucked, but what I was around for was super fun. I am a frequent watcher/chatter at live vlogs and I liked yours more than most. It was less like watching someone on a web cam and more like sitting in the kitchen talking to someone. If that makes sense.

    Anyway, I watched “Can’t Get a Date” on Netflix and really enjoyed it haha

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