Go see Charles Busch in his new play, y’all.

Y’all should check out the amazingly talented Charles Busch and his new play ‘The Divine Sister’ at Theater for The New City beginning next weekend. I’m uber psyched to see it.

I got to know Charles a few months ago after being a long time fan of his and I cannot WAIT for his newest play. One of the things I think is so cool about this particular show is how he’s doing it. As profiled in his wonderful novel ‘Whores of Lost Atlantis’, Charles’ career started from the ground up. He started writing and performing solo shows, booking himself in theaters all across the country, and slowly…. before the power of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube developed a career and following. Then when he started writing plays he brought that same gumption of ‘Just do it’ and put up the shows with his friends downtown…. and from that…. over the years he became a full fledged cult icon and theater luminary. His plays and movies are now seen all over the world… and it all came from this one guy with really good ideas, getting his shit together, and DOING SOMETHING.

More than most people, Charles Busch represented the YouTube generation at a time BEFORE the YouTube generation or even YouTube came about. By that I mean, he didn’t wait around for anybody else…. he just did it….. putting his stuff out there the way he wanted to do it, for all the world to see.

And now, Charles is taking his latest play back to the root of things, downtown, in a small theater, for 24 performances only, no critics, just putting the play out there. I think thats super cool.

I can’t wait. He’s a big hero of mine with much to teach all of us…. and most importantly…. thats to just go out and DO IT.

Check out more info on ‘The Divine Sister’ here.

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