Happy February.

Hi everyone. Welcome to February.

As most of you know, Black History Month is sort of my thing so once again…. starting today I’ll be profiling one of my favorite female African American writers each day on the blog.


But hey, Happy Black History Month! Lotta cool shit to celebrate.

I dunno why but the first day of month seems kind of special. Each day is a clean slate, a fresh start, a new moment BUT…. the whole first day of the month thing really brings that idea home.

We’re now officially one month into 2010 and I’ve been thinking about my first month in this year and overall, it was a pretty groovy month full fun times and good discoveries. I had a really nice weekend this past weekend, spent some time with some friends on Friday; spent a lot of time at home watching movies, I ate foods that made me happy, I did things I wanted to do, and overall it felt nice.

Last week. I spent most of my time not leaving the house. I ran various errands but overall, I didn’t have a lot of motivation to actively socialize in the world last week. I felt energized but in a personal way. The very thought of getting on a subway or walking downtown to do this or that, or going out at night, whatever…. I simply didn’t want to to do those things. So. I didn’t. I was also making an attempt to save money.

I tend to go through these little homebound periods, sometimes for great lengths of time (most of January was spent this way for me) and its easy to make one’s self feel guilty about it. I live in New York! What the hell am I doing at home? I ask myself over and over. EXACTLY, you’re shouting at the computer screen. Get out there and live, Patrick darling. I hear ya I hear ya.

But last week I made a concious decision with myself that staying home and doing the things I want to be doing is completely okay. My friend Ben and my friend Ashley constantly preach to me in moments of no inspiration and little motivation to create, that sometimes in life we are vessels to take things in…. artists cannot always push things out and out and out…. sometimes our job is to absorb, take in. Now, whether thats from a museum from a movie from a play from TV, depends on what you need and what you want but for me…. the last week was all about taking in movies and TV and oh, Mr. Keening, how good it felt.

Because the thing is and its no grand discovery…. as artists, we have homework to do.

I love television sitcoms.
I love comedic adventures movies.
I love romantic comedies.
I love tearjerking dramas.
I love supernatural thrillers.
I love books written in first person.
I love all coming of age stories.

But its been rare in my every day life in New York that I do my homework with these many different facets I hope to bring to what I create.

So. I’m feeling good about this period. Staying at home and happily taking in. I haven’t been obessing over output, over writing this great work, or that brilliant pilot or seeing this show downtown or making sure I went to this party to see this person or whatever….. I’ve just let myself watch stuff I enjoy and be present to it, and by doing so, I feel the most creative and inspired that I’ve felt in a very very long time.

I think its a good thing to remind one’s self as a creative being, that its okay to take a moment and breathe and watch that movie or lay on the sofa and read that book or watch that episode of ‘Gimme a Break’…. in fact….. it’s half of the job.

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3 Comments on “Happy February.”

  1. franklyStefanie Says:

    This post helped me so much, Jeffery. I’ve been in the same mood lately and have been trying to force myself to create because I feel as if I’m just procrastinating life. But the truth is creativity cannot be forced. If I hope to make something worthwhile, I need to just let it come naturally. Thanks for justifying how I’ve been feeling.

  2. Joseph Says:

    You might like the book “King Dork” by Frank Portman if you like first person novels. It’s hilarious.

  3. nick Says:

    i like your apple employee tshirt!

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