Tribal Check-In

This grey shorts I’m wearing need to be washed. They’re the shorts I always throw on when I’m lounging around and its too warm inside for pajama pants or I’m just in a shorts kind of mood. LET MY SKIN BREATHE FOLKS, Y’know?!

I tend to wear them for a couple hours then stick them back into my dresser. Then on laundry day I forget about them, as I stuff every last inch of my laundry bag full of dirty t-shirts, underwear, and pants. I never remember these shorts and because of that reason, I really ought to change into something else right now but…. it’s 1:40AM. I just watched the first half of ‘Kate and Leopold’ and spilt frozen yogurt and chocolate on them (the shorts, not Kate nor Leopold). So it’s all good.

I watched ‘Straight Talk’ with Dolly Parton tonight. I had never seen it or even heard of it until it showed up on Instant Netflix recommendations and boy oh boy, if ever there was a movie for me! Dolly Parton is really good in it. Its just plain delightful and silly. I wish she still acted frequently. There’s something so wonderfully genuine, magical, real, easy going about her in all movies. SO effortless. You sit and watch and think “I could do that!” I love that about her. Its similar to how I felt watching Madonna in ‘Who’s That Girl?’ last week. Again, a performance I found oddly effortless and genuine. I think I wanna write a new vehicle for Dolly Parton. There I put that out there. Maybe I’ll make that a new goal.

I’ve been doing a lot of Wikipedia research in the wee hours of the mornings lately. I tend to create a black hole for myself…. going from Bonnie Hunt to David Letterman and back to Bonnie Hunt (naturally) and somehow ending up at Jean Stapleton.

Last night, well past three AM, I found myself reading old article after article from magazines about various artists I love and connect with. The tribe members I constantly mention. I was reading stuff about my usual tribe members and it felt so inspiring and lovely.

This past weekend I was reflecting on the idea of tribes, which my friend Ashley turned me onto and I tend to blog a lot about and I wrote this on my hand and it stayed there all weekend, in fact….. there are still some traces left on my knuckles now.
It said:

TRIBES- To know our own and why.

There’s something I find strangely comforting and inspiring, in my darkest or my most positive moments…. of reading about someone with whom I share that tribal connection….. to know my OWN…. my tribe. There’s always something there, within that, that sparks something for me…. big or small….. it feels nice.

I highly recommend staying up really late, or stopping whatever it is you’re doing now, and reading about someone you connect with on a big level, a tribal level…. taking a moment and learning more about them, or reflecting on what you do know, within that….. there’s so much to inspire and to learn about ourselves.

Check in with your tribes today. That’s what I’m doing. And you never know what kind of thing it could show you.

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2 Comments on “Tribal Check-In”

  1. Cozmic Says:

    I watched Straight Talk on Netflix streaming as well and enjoyed the hell out of Dolly’s performance. She’s so under rated as an actress – I totally bought that she was attracted to James Woods.

  2. kayti Says:

    i laughed out loud at the kate & leopold thing. which was weird, bc im just sittting at my computer, alone.

    u funny.

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