Hey, Monday.

Hey Monday. You look so nice in your bright blue dress.

Thanks, Jeffery.

Don’t mention it. I love it when you wear bright sunny colors like that…. and your hair…. why would you ever wear your hair down at all? Monday, you have the kind of hair that should ALWAYS be worn up.

Haha. Thanks, Jeffery. You’re such a flirt.

I’m nooooooot! I’m really telling the truth. You look really great today.

Whatever. If you say so, silly billy. How was your weekend, Jeffery?

It was okay. Sorta slow moving and lazy. I’ve been really depressed lately and took this weekend to sorta deal with that. Stayed home a lot, watched a lot of LOST and FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS on Netflix Streaming and ate good foods. Last night my roommates made tacos!

Yum. I love Mexican food. We ought to go get some, sometime.

Hey, now…. Monday….. I wasn’t trying to get a date when I was saying those nice things about your dress.

Ha! I know. But I know some really great places for Mexican food downtown.

Really? Because I often find New York’s Mexican food to be really bad and no good.

Thats because you haven’t had Mexican food with me, Jeffery. I’ll show you.

Wow. Sounds great because I just thought the whole Mexican food in NYC thing was doomed. Like my career in Martial Arts or your career in Tuesdays.

Why have you been depressed lately?

I dunno. Seems sorta chemical. I mean, little things set it off but the fact that its so intense and seemingly impossible to make go away makes me think it’s more than a bad mood.

I know how that goes.

This ‘one’ has been really bad. But on the other hand, sometimes I think I let being depressed become who I am. Like, I decide to play the part of the depressed friend or son or guy in Amy’s Bread. Is that the fifth day in a row that guy’s come in here to buy cake? He just seems depressed. I feel like I wanna start making the choice to be healthier. Not let myself wallow so much. Y’know?

Well, look at it this way, Jeffery…. today is a new week, a new month even, it’s no coincidence that we met like this…. today…. with me in your favorite bright blue dress.

Ha. I do love when you wear sunny colors like that, Monday.

So. Today is your chance to take a good solid step towards a healthier time. Now. Tell yourself. Its gonna be better. Okay?


Take the first step. There’s so much cool stuff out there for you to focus on. Choose something positive for today. For the week. For the month? And funnel all that extra energy you’ve been turning into something negative and make it something positive. Everybody could learn a lesson from that idea, I think.

You’re right. Thanks, Monday.

Good, Jeffery. Every thing is all good. For all of us, folks. And when you’re feeling better…. there’s super good Mexican food waiting for you. Just tell me when.

Ha. Thanks, Monday but I think that sounds like more of a Friday kinda thing.

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3 Comments on “Hey, Monday.”

  1. Jon Says:

    This is lovely! Ive been quite down about stuff recently too.. this has cheered me up no end! Thanks Jeffery.. and Monday 🙂

  2. Catherine Says:

    Hey. Just wanted to say that I LOVE your writing (and Monday’s): your sense of humor, your willingness to write about just about anything and to just about anything ;-), your POV (slightly tilted), your style at the sentence level (also slightly tilted ;-).

    About the serious issue at the core of this particular piece: Your “mood” does sound chemical. I’m sure you know that sooo many other people struggle with this. I know it sounds corny, but don’t feel bad for feeling bad. Don’t blame yourself for wallowing or even playing the part if you try to snap out of it–refocus, whatever–and just can’t.

    Aside from the fact that it hurts, it’s okay to feel bad. And in your case, it seems to lead to stuff that makes other people happy, so… Thanks? Seriously, good luck.

  3. scooterryan Says:

    Jeffrey — You and I have seemingly been in the same boat lately. Thanks for your entry today – I have found myself with the beginning of the new week and new month yearning for a lightening bolt of inspiration and motivation to get out of this funk I’ve been in. You were that lightening bolt today (and it helped cheer me up – just got a call that I did not get a job I was really hoping for). Thank you for sharing!

    ~An avid reader, watcher, follower

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