I wonder who is the most hung over today from the post Oscar festivities?

And don’t say Glen Close. Because that’s a cop out and she wasn’t even there.

Like, did Sandra Bullock get totally wasted last night? And if so- on what? Sure, the average Joe would guess champagne. Sure. That makes sense but its also a little on the nose if you ask me. But what, shouldn’t the star of THE BLIND SIDE not worry about being too on the nose? Hey, don’t talk like that…. The Blind Side was a good movie!

My guess is Sandra had a reasonable cocktail or two but didn’t go overboard. And I’m guessing it was some sort of vodka based cocktail OR the aforementioned champagne.

I was thinking about it while I was taking my morning pee and reacting to the starkness ferocity of my morning breath, and I think that if I won an Oscar I wouldn’t want to drink at the after parties. I think I’d wanna be stone cold, honest to God sober to soak every second in. I’d want to have a full vivid I could build you a scale model of the scenario recollection of the moment Lauren Becall came over to tell me congratulations, I’d wanna be able to give my grandchildren a word for word transcript of EXACTLY what Oprah’s personal assistant said to me in line for mini corn dogs.

I’d want to BE SO FUCKING THERE IT HURT. I hope Sandra Bullock was. I bet she was. Neat.

I loved watching The Oscars last night. I always do. I love watching people’s lives change in that moment. An Oscar or a part in a movie or a script you’ve written or directed or edited or whatever really shouldn’t change anyone’s life but no matter how you think of it- it does. Come on. History. Exciting. Deserved. Very cool.

So many magical moments up there and I dug it all.

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