Hello, Hangover.

Hello hangover. How are you?

I thought I’d see you today. You look nice. New haircut? Huh. Must just be how you’re parting it. How was your week long vacation? Did you go anywhere? OH! Well, thats fun. How IS Rip Torn doing? Glad to hear it.

I gotta tell you…. and this isn’t meant to sound mean…. last night while I was drinking my first cocktail I thought, I really hope he doesn’t come over tomorrow. NOOOOOOT that I don’t love having you here, because I do! You know that. We’ve had some awesome times together….. Christmas day after spending Christmas Eve with my family, the day after that open bar at the rooftop party where you met Brian, or most of July and August. Those were good times. We ate lots of pancakes and watched all that TV on DVD, remember? Lots of Will and Grace and Roseanne and Maple syrup. Those were good times.

But at first I was like, I don’t wanna be around him tomorrow. It’s a Wednesday. I’d be fine having him over if it was like….. Saturday or Sunday or maybe even Friday but not on a Wednesday. There’s something sorta bleak about seeing you on a Wednesday. AGAIN, NO OFFENSE. You’re a nice guy. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings.

Then last night after I had a couple more drinks, I stopped caring so much. I realized that I can’t always live my life in fear of your coming over. Sometimes you gotta have fun. On my way home, after I’d stuffed my face with that buritto at San Loco (Ha! I knew you’d like that)…. I crawled into bed…. haha…. okay you’re right, I FELL into bed…. God, you know me! LOL!…. and I went to sleep. Then this morning, here you were. Are. Hey.

But here’s the thing. I am not gonna let you boss me around today. I’d like to sit around and watch Roseanne with you, just as much as I know you want to, but we can’t do that. I’ve got shit to do, so look…. you can be here….. I don’t care about that, but you’re not gonna make me lay around all day. Just because you’re here doesn’t mean I have to shut down everything I had planned. I’m gonna make something out of today. Okay? OKAY?!

Yes. Yes I will make you some pancakes but that’s it and then I’m gonna get started on my day. Deal? Deal.

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2 Comments on “Hello, Hangover.”

  1. Robert English Says:

    Well I am glad you kept him company today. I know he is going to be here @ my place tomorrow cause 2nite is my bday celebration. He has never missed a year. But I will be DAMNED if I will fix him any pancakes. Maybe a nice cheese omlette w/ capers. >:)

  2. David L Says:

    Oh hangover, you crack me up! Hey have you met my girl Advil? No she’s Indian, not black… that’s rude hangover, why are you so racist? Nevermind… sheesh, anyway how do you like the pancakes?

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