Back from Montreal.


I just got back from Montreal last night. I was supposed to get in the early evening but ended up not getting home until almost 2AM. It was a day of grotesque delays and the kind of travel bull shit that makes me swear I’ll never travel again…. until the next time I decide to travel.

I finally got home last night, boiled myself some pasta and made some toast, then scarfed it down while watching the first Hot Topics segment from yesterday’s episode of The View. I can’t imagine anything more comfortable.

Montreal was delightful. Though, I didn’t really DO anything while I was there. I went to visit a friend who is staying there right now and we pretty much just wandered around, ate lots of junk food, and hung out. It was so nice. On Saturday we decided, randomly, to take a road trip. We didn’t have any real destinations or plans. We just sorta got in the car, packed a bunch of snacks, and hit the road. We drove for a few hours, making various stops…. mostly food related. Also stopping into a Canadian Wal-Mart, which unsurprisingly looks pretty similar to any American Wal-Mart except with their rolled back prices written in French. We bought Cadbury Cream Eggs and ate them in the car. Perfection.

The biggest part of the actual road trip was driving into the woods to find Hotel De Glace, which is this amazing, strange, kinda tacky hotel made ENTIRELY OF ICE. It’s insane. We’d seen some pictures of the place online before we went to visit and had mildly different expectations than what it ended up being. I had pictured more of a ski-ing lodge, 4 star hotel, fancy setting for a pre-Oscar romantic comedy Sandra Bullock movie but it was more just strange and kinda smelly. It smelt like mildew and dirty ice, which is I guess at the end of the day, what it is. At one point in the venture through the backwoods to the find the place, we’d half considered staying there for the night. Once inside our minds were changed. Call me old fashioned but the idea of sleeping on enormous chunks of ice in the middle of the woods somewhere in Canada with a bunch of strangers doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. Check out these pictures, the place is wack-kay.

Finally, we ended up in Quebec City for the night. It was super late and most things were closed, we checked into a hotel and passed out watching LA Ink.

So as you can tell there wasn’t much that happened throughout the weekend but I loved it that way. I found myself in a few instances this weekend, whether while driving and driving to nowhere on Saturday or sitting around trying to come up with something fun to do next….. a little anxious. Its that kind of anxiety I’ve come to regard as a part of my every day life. The anxiety that if I’m not PLANNING something next, if there’s not SOMETHING in motion at every second of every day both socially, professionally, creatively then I feel as though I’m failing or not doing something right.

But in truth, a weekend like this one reminds me that the sentiment of ‘its not the destination but the journey there’ isn’t so corny and silly after all. In fact, its usually the journey whether its what happens while I’m sitting around wonder when projects will take off, or delayed five hours in the airport, or whether its working on that script idea that no matter how many times I try to write it, never works…. or whether its driving through the backwoods of Canada drinking gas station A and W Root Beer Floats and eating Cadbury Cream Eggs listening to Passion Pit with no where to be. It is what’s happening in the now. And I’m gonna attempt to embrace this big journey a little bit more often. It’s not easy to do but I think its worth it. Especially when it comes with Cadbury Cream Eggs.

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