Coming back.

Remember last summer? June? July?

It was really hot outside.

Everyone kept seeing trailers for some movie called ‘The Blind Side’ with Sandra Bullock looking like she was playing Kathi Lee Gifford in a Lifetime movie. We all chuckled in dark movie theaters before showings of ‘The Proposal’.

‘When you mess with me, you mess with my family.’

That’s right, Sandy. That’s right.

I was really into margaritas for the beginning of the summer but had switched to Rum and Coke by July. Summer drinks. At present, spring is all about martinis for me. I look like such a douche drinking out of those ridiculously over the top glasses, like an eighteen year old gay boy with a fake ID trying to live out his Carrie Bradshaw dreams.

A lot of people were going back and forth to the beach in June. Or to the park, to sun bathe shirtless, hoping someone will notice how you cut out carbs in April and May to prepare.

Home from college. Dealing with your family for the first time in nine months. Slipping rum into your cokes behind your Mom’s backs.

During that time, my friend Cole and I saw this half hour web thing we created in my apartment after a year of making YouTube videos hit airwaves and become a TV show on Logo. It was super neat, super surreal, super cool.

And now, here we are, almost at June again and happily, it was just announced today that our show- ‘Jeffery and Cole Casserole’- is COMING BACK!

Friday, June 25th.

We’re a few months away but mark your calender, set your DVR, start talking to your friend with cable again.

I am beyond excited.

Summertime. It’s almost here. And Sandra Bullock has an Oscar.

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5 Comments on “Coming back.”

  1. Cozmic Says:

    Gratz on the renewal! A Moscow Mule is a great summer drink too.

  2. Harvey Says:


  3. mary Says:

    yay best news all week.
    ps. just saw ur under 40 thingamajig on, well done u.

  4. JOhn Says:

    Yay! It’s about time the show came back!

  5. Andy in Seattle Says:

    YIPEE!!! VERY excited for you two!!! But the big question: Are they going to let you make more than 6 episodes? Perhaps season 2 you can have 7 episodes (one being a “best of”)? 🙂

    Love you, miss you, mean it!!

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