Sunday Sunday
I made grits and eggs
Went to Amy’s Bread
And picked up a scone
Because when it comes to food
I can’t leave it alone.
I just ate it all
the scone, grits, and eggs
I’m feeling rather full
And hung over too
And I’m sitting here waiting for this movie to be through
It’s called ‘Father Goose’
And Cary Grant’s the star
I’m just catching the end
So I’ve got no clue
what the plot points are
When its over I want to watch something great
Like the day I had yesterday
On my ‘Dolores Claiborne’ date.
Kathy Bates and Jennifer Jason Leigh
Doing what they do best
And Chris Plummer and John C. Reilly
And all of the rest
Lets hope I find something as good as that.
That just hits the spot
Without really trying
That leaves me enthralled, amused, and crying
I like days like this
The TV and me
With nothing else to do
Just movies to see
Gonna keep sipping this coffee
Which is sorta stale
And pop a Tylenol and hope it doesn’t fail
The Cary Grant movie just ended
And I still have no idea
What it was supposed to be
But I’m still having fun
The TV and me.

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