Yesterday I went to the park to read. Yesterday being Saturday. And the park being Central Park. Oh…. and the reading being New York Magazine. It was GORGEOUS weather. Sunny and warm. Similar to how I spent last weekend. Every fucker in town was out in Sheep’s Meadow likely questioning why the hell they decided to squeeze into the literal mob of sun bathers and frisbee throwers. I decided to stroll over to Literary Way and read on a bench like a sensible character out of ‘When Harry Met Sally’ or ‘Gay Guy Without Much To Do On Saturdays’ (the lesser known Rob Reiner/Nora Ephron work made two years after ‘Harry/Sally’ starring NOT Meg Ryan as originally planned but oddly…. a fairly unknown Teri Hatcher in a really bad blond Raquel Welch designed wig)

I took a seat in the shade, reading an article about a movie I have no interest in seeing when I noticed this boy…. must have been nine years old or so…. juggling three juggling pins…. he then switched to balls…. then some sorta spinning thing on a string that he’d throw into the air and catch. He was really rather impressive and captivating. He had no real charisma or anything…. but just this raw skill and really good hair. He had a big bucket for people to throw change into and he just sorta wandered back and forth juggling without any enthusiasm whatsoever which somehow made him all them ore captivating.

At first no one was really watching….. then…. out of no where a crowd formed around him. The crowd watched, cheered him on, while he made no eye contact with anyone…. just juggled. They threw money at him. Then slowly the crowd disappeared. He’d keep juggling alone, then take a break to eat a banana, or drink some water, then juggle some more. A crowd would form. Then go away. Then form again. And on and on and on.

I was fascinated by how unphased he was each time…. from both the crowd and then the no crowd…. and then the crowd again… no matter what he just kept doing his thing without a care in the world. I thought there was a lot to learn from that. The idea of just fucking juggling whether people are watching or not…. if a nine year old boy juggles long enough on a beautiful day in Central Park…. somebody is gonna stop and watch…. but you gotta be prepared to juggle whether they’re stopping or not.


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3 Comments on “juggling.”

  1. Peter Says:

    I almost got a part in that latter Reiner/Efron movie but when I screen tested with Hatcher I accidentally tripped over her feet causing her to snort laugh. I looked up and said, “I’ll have what she’s having” which got a laugh from the producers, but mortified Hatcher, so I didn’t get the part. To this day, I can’t watch Desperate Housewives or old episodes of MacGuyver without crying.

  2. xander Says:

    I love the message on this blog. (love the funny, too). But I really dig the idea of the artist always performing whether there’s an audience or not. You have to do what you do because you wanna – because you’re passionate about it.

  3. fan Says:

    There is a tremendous amount to be learned by your observation. But the question I ask is why is it so hard to take what one observes and learns and put into practice. Well I guess I know the answer…it is fear and lack of courage…so I guess the real question is how do we overcome the fear and gain courage to incorporate the lessons that will make our lives better.

    Thanks as always for sharing your thoughts and observations.

    All the best to you.

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