Word up. It’s Tuesday. Woot Woot. Tuesday train pulling into the station. Uuuuuuuuuh huh. Hold onto your hat, son. It’s gonna get blown away by the Tuesday train. Aw shit. Hope it ain’t late cause if that shit’s late I’m gonna be late gettin’ to Wednesday Town. Aw. Naw. Here she comes. Here she comes. Tuesssssssday.

That was my way of avoiding writing anything substantial here because I’m feeling kinda groggy from the NyQuil I took last night. I had all these reallllly intense dreams that I’d gone out for a really big night out on the town last night. I was at some loud bar making out with somebody I wasn’t supposed to make out with and drinking way too much, which I knew was a bad idea because I’ve been sick. I woke up in my NyQuil haze assuming it had really happened and was mortified by the lack of memories I had of the night. The fears stayed with me even after I got up from bed and showered…. I showered considering the idea that maybe I HAD gotten up in my NyQuil daze and somehow found my way into a cab, going somewhere, and met up with friends I only knew in the middle of the night, and gone out to some wild, jungle-y looking club, and made out with that dude…. and made an all around ass of myself to the bartender (who lets say but comedic effect was played by Richard Dreyfuss in my dreamworld).

By the time I flossed my teeth, I was pretty much back on planet Earth and understanding the fact that I had dreamt my Monday night on the town but nonetheless…. it was a strange, stressful feeling.

I visited with a friend I hadn’t seen or really talked to in a while yesterday. It was neat to rehash the past six months of our lives. Made the issues of the past two weeks seems so silly and small. Can’t imagine what rehashing the past six years would feel like. We talked about the things, the big things, we’d been wanting and he reminded me of what our mutual friend Ashley always says, which is to put what you truly want into the universe and to be SPECIFIC.

I have a couple big things I want to happen in the next year. One main thing.I’m not quite sure how to make it happen or how to even begin imagining but it feels right, and possible, and real so last night right before my NyQuil kicked in and I started dreaming about the crazy night I was just sure I was actually having in real time….. I asked the universe for something very specific and I’m gonna continue doing so throughout this next year and I think that sort of specificity will inspire me, my sometimes lazy drive to be productive, my thoughts, and the universe to roll my world toward that desired direction.

So lets start rollin’.

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