I haven’t blogged very much this week and thats because I got arrested on Monday.


I’m kidding.

I WAS arrested but I totally had time to blog (more so really) I just didn’t feel like it because I’ve been spending so much time going to dog fights and pool halls with Chet and Tito, my cell mate buddies from the clink.

Okay. You’re right. I wasn’t arrested this week I just have been busily working on the next two episodes of ‘Jeffery and Cole Casserole’ and blogging time has gotten away from me. The whole getting arrested thing is just my fascination with the fact that Lindsay Lohan is apparently getting arrested this week because she’s at the Cannes Film Festival and doesn’t have her passport to come back to the US or something ridiculous like that. I feel bad for that lady and hope she works her shit out and finds what she’s looking for.

Last night I went to see this show thats playing in New York right now called ‘Everyday Rapture’ and in it, there’s a section about moving to New York and leaving home to make what you want for yourself a reality, no matter what. She tells the story of getting here… its own fascinating journey entirely…. once here, her depictions and first memories of this place are all very vivid and touching…. throughout the story of her first night here in Manhattan, one that takes her all over town until she’s watching the sun come up on that bench from ‘Annie Hall’…. she interweaves the gorgeous Harry Nilsson song ‘I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City’…. which ends with the lyric…. “For the first time I’ll be free.”

I found it way powerful and moving. I couldn’t help but remember my own self and my own first night here…. out until the sun the came up….. standing on 48th street…. and thinking about how insanely different all of this is than my Dad’s backyard, where I’d stood in the soggy grass the night before.

I looked around me now at what was a nice spring night, with a cute boy, getting to spend all day working on something I feel so fucking excited about, getting to live here in this crazy place, and being aware when I love it and hate it and just need to take a nap…. and I felt very lucky….. and completely ‘free’.

I walked away last night feeling pride for getting here…. and hoping lots of other people who want to do the same will make that happen for themselves….. cause you can. No matter where you are….. be it Rome, Georgia…. Topeka, Kansas…. or stuck without a passport at the Cannes Film Festival…. get to where your heart wants to be and I think thats when shit starts to work out.


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3 Comments on “free”

  1. erik Says:

    OMG jeffery I love this! I myself have a very large plan to move to New York from Birmingham, AL this time next year. Just waiting to get out of school here. Thanks for this! It’s things like this that make every heart brake, let down, ,set back and bad grade seem small in comparison to my big dream of moving there! I can not wait for my first night there! And the way you put it in this blog, I could almost see myself were you where. Feelng the sites and sounds of the city all around me and that feeling that you must have had in the pit of your stomch at that moment! But then again I guess these are the things that dreams are made of! I can not wait to be where my heart is happy! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  2. Doug Giffin Says:

    Super awesome and inspiring, Jeffery. I’m scared as hell, but I’m determined to be there by this fall.

  3. Athens fan Says:

    so tell us what you know about love. about courage. about hope.

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