A new address

I’ve recently fallen in love with Tumblr. I like its layout, what it can do, and just how pretty everything is. So…. I’m moving my blog to there entirely. Just type in http://www.jeffery-self.com

Be sure to notice the “-” in between my first and last name or else you’ll end up at the former jefferyself.com which is now owned by some sort of foreign travel website. I know nothing about foreign travel but something tells me they know nothing about season three of “Grace Under Fire”.

So… in reality…. both jeffery-self.com and jefferyself.com will have things to offer you but…. if its me you’re looking for go to: http://www.jeffery-self.com

See ya there!

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One Comment on “A new address”

  1. Ashley Says:

    I love tumblr!
    It will now be easier for me to keep up with your blog updates :]

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